GoldenVoices.com is an online portal for seniors brought to you by the DiversityCanada Foundation.

The mandate of the DiversityCanada Foundation is to create, facilitate and promote opportunities for multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, differently-abled and diverse groups and individuals to participate in the economic, social, and cultural life of Canada and elsewhere. As our mandate suggests, the DiversityCanada Foundation works with a variety of communities with a view towards engendering a fairer world. The DiversityCanada Foundation uses traditional and newer communications methods (e.g. print, broadcast, and the Internet) to promote awareness and understanding.

The GoldenVoices.com project is designed to give seniors the opportunity to discuss ageism and, as well, solutions to attendant problems. A further aim is to open up the issue across generations through use of traditional media and the Internet. It is hoped this will result in the fostering of greater understanding, even leading to practical solutions.

GoldenVoices.com is meant to be a space where seniors can come together to focus on the matters that are important to them. It provides an outlet for seniors to tell their stories, to share the knowledge and experience they have gained, to share their opinions, and to let their voices be heard.

This initiative was initially sponsored in part by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Support has also been provided by the ELNOS Corporation for Business Development, The Algo Center Mall, The Standard, Moose FM CKNR 94.1, and the Elliot Lake branches of TD Canada Trust and Shoppers Drug Mart. Additional support was provided by Elliot Lake Retirement Living, the Renaissance Seniors' Center and Learning in Retirement.

Under the leadership of the DiversityCanada Foundation's Executive Director Celia Sankar, the Golden Voices project has been largely volunteer-run and would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, dedication and support of seniors themselves. The DiversityCanada Foundation extends warm thanks to all participants and to our highly cherished volunteers.

What is presented today at GoldenVoices.com is just the beginning. There are many more "golden voices" to be included on this site. Also, we intend to introduce resources that address concerns raised by participants in the project, and to work towards providing additional means for seniors to get to know each other and communicate with each other through this portal. Please do visit GoldenVoices.com often and be part of the evolution.

Volunteers: Bryan (above), an interviewer

Volunteers: Bryan (above), an interviewer

Volunteers: Coral (above), our greeter, who put the interviewees at ease

Interviewers, Marna (seated, foreground) and Irene (seated, background) with participants Bob and Jane

Interviewer, Bobbie, doubling as technician as she mics up Irene for her interview

Interviewer, Bobbie (foreground), and fellow volunteer intervieweer/technician, Irene, prep participant, Isobel

Golden Voices is a project of the DiversityCanada Foundation, in partnership with Maplejobs Inc. and Damascus Press. Part funding was provided by the Government of Canada's New Horizons for Seniors program, and by ELNOS.

The DiversityCanada Foundation wishes to thank its partners whose generous support has made it possible to deliver activities and resources related to the GoldenVoices.com platform for seniors: