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Participate in online and in-person activities

The DiversityCanada Foundation, the organization that brings you, offers exciting opportunities for seniors to get involved and stay active in the community.


These activities are sponsored in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program and are free to participants.


Get together to focus on important topics

Through the “Golden Years Project”, seniors will have the opportunity to focus on subjects of interest to seniors under the theme of “Living longer and living well”. They will do so through a series of recorded group discussions and fireside chats with various subject experts.


Seniors will gather virtually (and in-person when public health regulations permit), thus providing opportunities for seniors to engage with their peers, once again.


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Become Internet savvy

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted much of our lives online, and the impact is likely to be long-lasting. This make it all the more important that individuals of all ages be computer-literate and Internet-savvy.


The DiversityCanada Foundation’s “Golden Guides Project” is designed to help you get there.


Through the Golden Guides Project, seniors will receive help in gaining Internet skills. Senior volunteers will be trained to guide their peers in using the Internet and in remaining safe while doing so.


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On the sign up sheet, be sure to tick the first option, the one that says: “I would like participate in the Golden Guides Project and learn new computer and Internet skills.”



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