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Inspiration for your golden years

What's it like to retire? When there's no regular work schedule to give structure to your days, how do you stop boredom from creeping in? What are the biggest concerns that become obvious only in your later years?

We asked retirees and near-retireers in their 50's to their 90's these very questions and more. Their answers were sometimes amusing, sometimes profound, and sometimes poignant. All in all, they provide rich food for thought for anyone at any age, but especially for those entering or into their golden years (ie 50 years and over).

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Elliot Lake 

Elliot Lake is said to be one of Canada's premiere retirement communities. We think it's one of the nicest communities to call home. And we should know as Elliot Lake is where is based!

If you're researching places to spend your golden years, if you've just moved here, or even if you're an old-timer, we've gathered some interesting Elliot Lake websites that should be helpful for you. They'll give you a taste of this delightful "Jewel in the wilderness".

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Elliot Lake Services Directory

Need to find out how to get things done in Elliot Lake? You've come to the right place. Whether you need to know about getting a doctor, or where to take your dog for some exercise, you'll find contact information, addresses, and weblinks for services and organisations in the community.

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